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Online hats’ wholesaler-! Canopies are headbands with an eye shield made of material or plastic. They are mainly associated with tennis players and the 80s and 90s. As the latest trends of those decades have again become extremely fashionable, such accessories are very popular. They are a nonchalant, unusual outfit complement as well as a functional sun protection. They protect the eyes and face against sharp rays, which is why they are often worn during the spring-summer season. They are ideal for hot weather and do not heat up the head or damage the hairstyle.

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The baseball caps are not only suitable for use on the tennis court. They are comfortable for running, biking or rollerblading, among other things. They are also great as an everyday accessory for a walk, shopping or a holiday trip. They are ideal for trips to the mountains or lounging on the beach. Thanks to the fact that they are light and small, you can carry them freely in your bag or backpack. In the coming season many people will certainly look for them.


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Versoli specialises in selling fashionable clothing accessories for women, men and children. In the offer of our wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska you can find a huge selection of canopies of various designs. We try to meet different tastes, so we offer both spectacular, extravagant models as well as those in a slightly more classic style. Our products are made of durable fabrics and synthetic materials, in trendy designs.


Our baseball caps from the wholesaler from Wólka Kosowska perfectly meet the requirements of customers looking for just such accessories. They are distinguished by good quality workmanship, solid, neat finish and favourable price. Most of the models have an adjustable clasp, so you can adjust them to your own needs. They are not only aesthetic but also comfortable and practical.

Wide selection of Wólka Kosowska baseball caps allows you to freely choose products for your own shop, according to its aesthetics or expectations of typical customers. Thanks to this you can be sure that the purchased products will enjoy popularity. Because we focus on the quality of workmanship, fashion and comfort, our products sell great!

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