Wholesale hats online - versoli.pl. We have a wide range of hats sold in wholesale. Hats are a headgear that combines classic and elegant. During hot days hats will be a perfect product to put on your head to protect it from the strong sun.

As versoli.pl we offer a wide range of hats. We are a wholesaler that imports goods directly from manufacturers so we can offer the best possible price.


In our hat wholesaler versoli.pl you will find many shapes of hats. It is worth taking a moment to consider the silhouette, styling and shape of your face when choosing a hat. For people with a rounded face you can offer models of hats with a small roundabout, which are cut at the top.

With a slightly square or triangular face shape you should focus on soft rounded hats with rounded heads. Any kind of headgear fits into an oval face. The possibility of wholesale purchase, provided by versoli.pl, will help to avoid shortages and the wide range of different types of hats enriched with accessories will catch the eye of many people.


It must be admitted that putting a hat on your head can turn the simplest outfit into an original style. The most popular model is the feroda model, which is available in straw material. It is suitable for festivals, rock concerts, and also for casual T-shirts and jeans. For summer, a wide roundabout hat is a great offer from our wholesaler versoli.pl from Wólka Kosowska. It will be perfect for the beach and long trips out of town. The soft, lightweight fabric will allow you to survive the greatest heat. It looks beautiful when combined with an airy boho-style dress.

Among the products of versoli.pl you can distinguish weaved hats with patches corresponding to the sea theme. Hats inspired by the famous Michael Jackson headwear are also worth recommending. They are a great example of wholesale, as there are many fans of this style and the hats will prove themselves not only in the everyday field, but also in many different professions, such as actor, singer. The big challenge is to get a child to wear a hat. Slightly limited movements do not encourage hiding from the sun. That is why a very interesting option is a collection of hat models with accessories - colourful patterns, bright colours, patches and stripes.

Fashionable prints will find their followers and a nice look will go hand in hand with the practical application of this increasingly appreciated headgear. Some of the higher hat models from the wholesale store at versoli.pl have a more airy material - the meshes of the braids are larger. This is to ventilate the head better, as at higher points of the hat it is important to have adequate ventilation - a thicker braided line could cause the scalp to heat up quickly and sweat.