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Wholesaler of children's bags, . Children's bags are a perfect accessory for every little trendsetter. Girls love to imitate their mum. Wearing a bag makes them feel more beautiful and adult. Giving a child a handbag teaches responsibility. In this way, the child will understand that you have to be careful with the items you take with you. In addition, many useful things can be hidden in the bag, such as a handkerchief, a favourite toy or a booklet. This attribute will surely also become part of the fun many times. Are you looking for high-quality children's handbags for your shop? Take advantage of our wholesale offer - a wide range of products!

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In our offer you can find many children's handbags in different sizes and styles. They are adjusted to the needs of little girls, aged 3-4 years. We have models that will satisfy different tastes. We offer both very girly, pink bags with charming motifs and slightly more subdued variants. Some of them are decorated with beads, tassels and even shiny sequins. They have adjustable straps so children of all sizes can wear them.


Versoli is a wholesaler of children's bags in Wólka Kosowska, with an extremely wide range of products. We specialise in selling clothing accessories, including for children. We cooperate with well-known shops from all over Poland as well as foreign countries. When you buy from us you can be sure of the lowest price and the largest selection of available products.

We are the best fashion wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska. The products we offer are distinguished by very good quality. Children's handbags sold are fully safe for toddlers. We focus on a great variety, so we are able to meet different tastes. With us you will surely choose the perfect products for girls dreaming about their first handbag!


Wólka Kosowska children's bags will surely quickly become the favourite accessory of many children! It is not only a playful item, but a practical element of everyday clothing. By teaching your child how to carry bags you get used to them quickly. In the future, they will pay more attention to their clothes and accessories. For this reason, many parents are already looking for such handbags even for a few-year-old girls. What is more, many of the models we offer are very tasteful - who knows, maybe for a change it is the mother who will sometimes borrow them from her daughter?

Wide selection of Wólka Kosowska children's handbags in various variants is a guarantee of the child's satisfaction. Every little girl will surely be delighted! She will feel like an adult and will be happy with her new toy.

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