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Multifunctional shawls are a universal and practical accessory that can be worn in many different ways. Are you looking for high quality shawls at a good price that you can offer to customers of your clothing store? Then check out the proposals of Versoli wholesale - we offer perfectly tailored, various models of buff scarves at a competitive price and great designs!

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High quality, multifunctional shawls are a timeless solution that has been popular for a long time - both among women and men. It will certainly appeal to fans of functional accessories, outdoor sports enthusiasts and all other active people who appreciate versatile and comfortable clothing. However, the multifunctional and sporty character of the accessory does not deprive it of aesthetic values. High quality, multifunctional shawls are a fashionable element of every outfit, which, if well chosen, will emphasize the personality of the owner and complete every outfit.

An unquestionable advantage of this kind of shawl is that it can be used in many different ways, moreover, practically all year round. You can successfully use this accessory on a daily basis, as a multi-purpose shawl is a perfect alternative to such elements of clothing as a chimney sweep, scarf, cap, balaclava, bandana, or even a mask, a terrycloth or a headband! Without a doubt, it is a very versatile accessory, which will effectively protect your neck, face and head against cold blasts of air and cooling.

High-quality multifunctional shawls are also great protection from the sun, unpleasant sweat, dust and other pollutants to which people often are exposed during outdoor sports. Made of breathable, flexible and solid materials, the accessories are pleasant to the touch, and at the same time very practical and durable. In addition, the multifunctional scarf is simply a stylish accent to your outfit that will add variety to any outfit!


Multifunctional shawls online wholesale store is an extensive palette of diverse offerings, catering to the different needs of the end customers of retail stores. For we are well aware that today's clothing and accessories are much more than just clothes to protect the body. Therefore, we specialize in selling practical yet stylish accessories that are always in line with the hottest trends. In addition, Versoli wholesale multifunctional shawls are products that are characterized by high quality materials used, precision workmanship and uniqueness of design. A wide selection of available variants makes it convenient and fast to supply your clothing store with exactly what your customers are looking for. We leave you with a sizeable range of models. Versola's multi-purpose shawls are available in a variety of colors, patterns and prints to suit the tastes of both men and women.

There are many advantages to doing business with Versoli online wholesale. What can you gain? First of all, shopping in our wholesale gives you a guarantee of constant access to a varied assortment of high quality accessories at competitive prices. Other advantages of Versoli's business are regular deliveries and fast shipments. Wholesale multifunctional shawls is also a friendly online store, where with just a few clicks you can buy products that are sure to satisfy all customers of your store!

We encourage you to browse our selection of multifunctional shawls as well as other clothing accessories such as scarves, belts, wallets, beach bags and headwear, which will certainly diversify the offer of each clothing boutique!


Where to use multifunctional shawls? How to wear them? This original accessory can be worn in many different ways, in different situations and at any time of the year. This stylish and practical accessory is suitable both for cooler days in spring-summer season and for definitely colder autumn-winter weather. The most popular use of multifunctional shawls is to wear them as a shawl and a hat. However, higher temperatures do not condemn the shawl to stay at the bottom of the closet. On sunny days the original shawl will be perfect as a terry-cloth to collect sweat from the forehead or as a headband to hold unruly hair. Multifunctional shawls are also perfect as a face mask, protecting the mouth and nose from smog, viruses and bacteria.

Universal buff type shawl can be used during all kinds of physical activity, in various sports disciplines. It is perfect for summer and winter sports - cycling, running in the countryside, Nordic walking, skiing, skating or skateboarding.

Multifunctional shawls are a solution which is often used by professional athletes. No wonder - the seamless, pleasant to the touch fabric guarantees high wearing comfort. Elastic fabric perfectly adapts to the figure and nicely wraps the neck. At the same time, it does not restrict movement and is extremely comfortable, which is a key feature of functional sportswear. We cannot fail to mention the high durability of the material and its resistance to mechanical damage.

Multifunctional shawl is undoubtedly a universal gadget, which serves not only as a practical accessory protecting the body against cold, wind or sun rays. The multitude of color variants and a wide range of patterns make the original shawl a unique accessory, which is the dot over the "i" in every stylization.