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Men's Belts


Online men's belts wholesaler. Men's belts have been appreciated by men for a long time, mainly because of their usefulness. However, a men's belt is nowadays much more than a simple way to keep your trousers in place.

If your customers belong to the group of men who are in favour of fashion and want to have access to the latest trends? Do you want to sell stylish and original accessories? Do you need belts at a reasonable price? Be sure to check our wholesale offer in Wólka Kosowska. Here you will find a wide range of products, and thanks to direct import from the manufacturer, you can buy them at an attractive price.

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Men's belts - how to choose the right one? With time and changing trends, the range of men's belts available in shops has started to grow significantly. This of course brings a number of benefits for shoppers, but also raises questions. How do you choose the right belt for a man in the multitude of models? Following our tips will help you to make a purchase and choose the right belt for you. There are three things to consider before going to the shop, namely the length, width and material of the belt we are going to buy. Let us therefore measure the belt circumference before we go shopping.

Add 10-15 cm to the value of the belt. This will give you the right length for your men's belt. Specialists from our wholesalers will help you choose the right assortment, which will appeal to your customers. The width is determined by the size of trouser belt loops to which we want to choose the belt. Let's check what size the belt loops from our trousers have. There are many different belts on the market which differ in width. Finally, the last thing is the material. The most popular male belt among buyers is a belt made of leather in black or brown.

It is universal and timeless. If you are looking for a men's belt for a more elegant style, opt for classic universal black. Will the belt be worn primarily for casual styles? Then go for brown. Also, pay attention to the clasp and buckle. Silver, gold and copper are acceptable colours. If you wear a watch or cufflinks, try to make sure that the buckle of the men's belt fits the colours.


Belts for men - the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska is a place where clothes shops from all over Poland stock up. You will find here stripes made of various materials, in various lengths and colours. From simple, black or brown leather belts, through belts made of imitation leather, to colourful belts with patterns and embossing - wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska has something for everyone. It allows you to choose the perfect men's belt tailored to your specific needs.

It is a mistake to underestimate its role in men's styling. A properly selected belt will twist the style of every outfit. The sleek, classic strap adds a touch of style to any formal outfit. They are ideal for the office or business meeting. The men's fabric belts work well with summer hairstyles. In addition to men's belts you will find other stylish accessories in the Versoli wholesale store. We invite you to read the whole page and if you have any questions or doubts we encourage you to contact the specialists.