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The basic use of rucksacks is a bag that is put on by children to school, the so-called schoolbag. As a child grows up, priorities change when choosing a backpack. Younger children will be satisfied with prints from their favourite fairy tales or games, and older ones will follow the fashion. offers both versions. Both fairy-tale motifs and simple but glossy elements will appeal to many school students. Lovers of delicate, flowery patterns will also find something for themselves, just look for it.

The backpack is very handy when you need to fit and transport a lot of things. More and more often we decide to use it as an original replacement for the bag and nothing strange about it - two well-balanced shoulders of the backpack guarantee an even distribution of the weight on the back.

It will prove itself at school when carrying books, but you can easily take it with you for a walk or a trip. Bags and handbags take up some space, and classic, simple little backpacks are ideal for work when you don't have to take too many things with you, while at the same time ensuring a good posture on your back. Sports backpacks from are colourful and patterned, so they are great to wear every day.


Just like handbags, the rucksack can also be used as a decoration for clothing. Brown, more homogeneous models will work well with jeans and a checked shirt, and in summer with a plain, basic T-shirt and shorts. An additional advantage of backpacks is that they can hold more than a bag. In reference to festivals and concerts, the backpack will also work well with heavy boots, black trousers and leather short, as well as a long boo-style dress. As you can see, backpacks from will work in many situations.

It's worthwhile to look through the offer and find out what best reflects the style in which we feel good. We invite you to browse through the rucksacks available in our wholesale store and to shop through our website. Do you have a problem with choosing the right backpack for your shop? Our specialists are familiar with current trends and will be happy to advise which model will be the most suitable and offer a favourable price. Do not wait and order wholesale backpacks available at