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Women's Medium Wallets


A medium-sized ladies' wallet, available in our wholesale store, although hidden most of the time, still serves as a stylish accessory. This is a gadget that women don't actually part with. Therefore, it is worth making sure that our wallet model is not only functional but also stylish. The right wallet will not only make it easier to keep your money, cards and documents in one place, but it will also perfectly emphasize our style.

If you run a shop with clothes and accessories, the women's wallets on offer should be so-called 'must have' wallets. As we all know, accessories can tell a lot about their owner. This is no different for medium sized women's wallets, which are able to express individuality, underline character, or even convey the values of their owner. It is worth bearing in mind that a medium-sized women's wallet can also be a great idea for a gift for various occasions.

It will make every woman happy. It will certainly find its place in every women's handbag. A black or brown leather wallet with a minimalist decorative element, cut in a simple style is a safe, versatile option.

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The medium-sized women's wallet - which one to choose? You can get a medium-sized women's wallet in a variety of colours and cuts. The wide variety of products available on the market makes medium-sized women's wallets fit perfectly into any style. See the wallets available in our wholesale offer. Your client can choose which medium-sized women's wallet? Remember that the choice of a model depends on several issues. Most often the budget is crucial. That is why you should have different wallet prices in your shop.

They can range from 50 to even 400 PLN. Wallets with a much longer life span are usually made of leather or suede. However, they are also much more expensive than models made of ecological leather or fabric material. A woman who decides to buy an medium-sized By spending a little more money she will gain a model of a much higher quality, which will serve her even for a few years. Another issue to consider when choosing a women's average wallet is the colour scheme.

That is why, as specialists in clothing and accessories, we suggest to shop owners the greatest possible variety in terms of patterns and colours.


The medium-sized women's wallet - as a wholesaler of, we understand perfectly well that women's tastes are not only different, but also changeable. We meet shop owners by offering a wide range of products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What is more, thanks to the fact that we import women's medium sized wallets directly from the manufacturer, we are able to offer them at an exceptionally attractive price.