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Thin Women's Scarf


Wholesaler of thin women's scarves. The thin women's scarf is the evidence that the scarf is not only reserved for frosty days. Thin women's scarf, available in our wholesale offer, works well during much warmer weather and, just like its winter counterpart, has a number of useful qualities. It can effectively change any style by bringing it to life or toning down its colour scheme.

The designers surprise us with new models every now and then. Original cuts of thin women's scarves and eye-catching prints covering them can be found more and more often on Polish streets. Supply your shop in Versoli wholesale store.

We have a whole range of different types of thin scarves for women. Be sure to visit the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska or shop online as we ensure frequent deliveries and direct import of products at an attractive price.

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Thin women's scarves - how to tie them up? Check how to tie scarves available in our wholesale shop. There are many ways to tie a scarf. Hidden knot, double scarf, French knot or golf knot are just some of them. Some of the ties work better with shorter models, others are perfect for more complicated knots. We will look at two ways of tying scarves - each with a different level of difficulty. The classic loop is one of the most popular binding methods. It is very easy and looks great! Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck.

Then pull the two ends forward and put them through the loop. That's it! Isn't that simple? The braid is a bit more difficult to tie but it is also very glamorous and chic. How do you do this? The scarf is folded in half and placed behind the neck. The loose ends are pulled forwards and then placed through a loop, which is not pulled too hard. Then twist the loop and pull the loops through the loop again. Repeat these steps until you run out of the scarf.


Thin women's scarf - the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska has been well known to many shop owners. Huge variety of offered patterns and colours, different lengths and finishes of the scarf make that no matter what style you prefer in your shop, the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska may become your favourite point of purchase. Thin women's scarves are proof that the slogan "scarf" is not only valid in the autumn-winter period. Apart from protecting our neck against wind and cold, they also have an important aesthetic function. They perfectly match any style and type of wardrobe.

They are perfect for the elderly, crazy teenagers, busy thirty-year-olds or mature middle-aged ladies. These accessories can be combined with a floral dress, a formal jacket or a sports bomber. A thin women's scarf is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Order a scarf for your shop from Versoli wholesaler.