Children's Hats


Children's hats conquer the hearts not only of toddlers but also of adults. No wonder - currently on the market there is a huge number of children's hats in various colours and designs. Beautiful pastel colours in shades of peach, mint, lavender or powder pink are perfect for little girls' hairstyle. Intense colours like red and navy blue are more often chosen for boys.

See what we can offer, check out our range. Fairy-tale motifs, colourful prints and charming patterns sometimes make it a real challenge to choose a single children's hat. In such situations it is good to know which shops and wholesalers to visit to be able to afford to buy more than one model.

A place that offers beautiful, varied, but above all cheap children's caps is the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska. Bring freshness to your shop and order several types of caps!


How to choose the right hat ? This question is probably asked by many people looking for a children's hat. What should I pay attention to when looking for the right children's hat? How do you choose the right one so that you don't have to return it to the shop in a while? What you should pay attention to above all is size. A properly selected children's hat must fit the circumference of the child's head.

It must be neither too tight, as it will cause pain, nor too loose - then it will simply slide off the head and fall on the forehead. Another point to consider when choosing a child's hat is the material of which it is made. Cotton or a mixture of cotton and cotton blend provides a pleasant softness. It is worth betting on such a cap, which will not only protect our child's head, but also provide comfort. If we are looking for a children's winter cap, we should also pay attention to whether it is warmed up. An additional layer of heat retaining layer will be useful especially for the coldest days.

As a wholesaler we make sure that the offered assortment is characterized by high quality fabrics. We are able to guarantee that the price goes hand in hand with the quality of the products sold. More and more shop owners operating in the whole Poland are convinced about it.


Children's hats - the Wólka Kosowska wholesale store is characterized by a wide range of available products and attractive prices aimed at smaller and larger clothing shops. Direct import from the manufacturer significantly reduces costs, which in turn translates into an attractive price of products and makes you save a lot by buying clothes for your shop.

Our wholesaler pays a lot of attention to frequent deliveries, so our assortment is constantly updated with the latest fashion news. And there are a lot of these in the fashion industry. Designers are constantly inventing new designs for children's hats, without making the choice easier.