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Women's Waist Bags

Wholesaler of women's waist bags - waist bags for women are again in fashion. In recent years, they have been enjoying unwavering popularity. As trends from the 80s and 90s are the most popular, all fashionable ladies wear them. Such an accessory is not only an interesting addition to the outfit, but also a very comfortable alternative to the bag.In a waist bag a woman can hide the most necessary things, such as a phone, keys, wallet or lipstick. They are perfect for sporty, casual clothes, but the bolder ladies perversely wear them for slightly more elegant outfits as well. Are you looking for high-quality waist bag for your shop? You are in the right place! We are a wholesaler of waist bags. Check out our extensive range online.

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With women's waist bags you can successfully run, ride a bicycle or rollerblade and do other sports. Such an accessory will also work well on shopping or walking. Some models are also great for going to a party. In fact, they are extremely versatile! Because they are fastened at the hips, you still have free hands. It's the perfect accessory for busy people, active mums or just energetic women who are not wearing bags.


Versoli is a wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska, with an extremely wide range of products. We specialise in selling fashionable clothing accessories. We cooperate with well-known chains of shops from all over Poland, as well as abroad. Buying from us you can be sure of favourable prices and high quality products.

We are the largest fashion wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska and one of the best in Poland. We have an extremely diverse assortment. We are up to date with the hottest trends, but we always remember about people who like classics. In our offer you will find, among others, models referring to the style of the 80s, decorated with modern patterns, variants made of eco-materials, as well as options with very elegant design. You can choose from articles in all colours, with various prints, lettering, pendants and other accessories. Such a wide selection allows you to satisfy really different tastes!


Women's waist bags in Wólka Kosowska are distinguished by their high quality. We offer variants sewn from various materials - synthetic and natural. They are not only aesthetic, but also durable. Each of them has an adjustable strap, allowing you to freely adjust the sachets to your figure and comfort. Strong zippers are easy to unfasten, do not stutter or tear. Many models have additional pockets.

Wide range of waist bags of Wólka Kosowska guarantees satisfaction of women of all ages, with different tastes. We offer variants in various sizes, which is particularly important when choosing a model. We offer products that are fashionable, comfortable and practical. They sell perfectly!

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