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Online wholesaler of highlander shawls. Highlander shawls are a beautiful decorative element of clothing, having its roots in Slavic tradition. This accessory stole the hearts of many women - it penetrated into fashion and became a permanent feature. In the past, highlander shawls were only found in mountain areas. Nowadays they also appear on the streets of the biggest Polish cities.

Highlander shawls are a very original element of many women's styles. What makes them different from other shawls? What definitely attracts attention in highlander shawls are their extremely colourful colours, beautiful motifs and incredible precision of reproduction of details. Traditional floral, folk and highlander motifs, a multitude of colours and different types of finishing make highlander shawls a stylish and original addition to any style.

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Highlander shawls will be a perfect complement to your range. The Internet is the source of many ideas for interesting styles of highlander shawls. Fashion bloggers like to share their daily outfits as well as those for special occasions. If you have an online or stationary shop and you are looking for a place where you can find a wide range of highlander shawls, then our online wholesaler with highlander shawls is the place you are looking for.

We are a direct importer of products from manufacturers. This translates into an extremely competitive price. A big advantage is also frequent delivery, thanks to which you are sure to have access to the latest trends.


Folk shawls are a very decorative and practical accessory, which should be placed in every woman's wardrobe. Apart from their visual qualities, they have one more huge advantage - they are very useful on colder days. The autumn-winter period and early spring are the perfect time for a folk shawl. Its pleasant, non-biting material nicely wraps around the neck providing protection against cold air and negative temperatures.

The folk shawl, traditionally used as an element of folk costume, is nowadays mainly used as a shawl. However, its use can be significantly extended. Folk shawls are perfect as a delicate, short shoulder strap. They also present themselves beautifully as hair accessories, for example, in the form of a wide headband.


Highlander shawl - versoli.pl wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska has a wide range of unique highlander shawls in our assortment. Our assortment will certainly appeal to all fashion lovers who love to play with style. Intensive colours are a great solution when there is a grey aura behind the window. Floral patterns and strong, saturated colours immediately bring some sunshine on such unfavourable days of the year.

What is more, this addition is also an ideal solution for subdued, uniform combinations. Minimalist and mono colour styles are dominated by black, grey or navy blue, vivid colours and the colourful design of the highlander shawl will perfectly complement your clients' look.