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Online wholesaler of shawls - Fashionable shawls are a perfect way to emphasize your own style, beauty and assets, as well as the ability to cover up possible imperfections - although it may seem unbelievable, but all these things a woman can achieve with a skillfully chosen shawl.

Uniqueness, transience, but also practicality. Every shop owner will find something for their customers among the offer of our shawl wholesaler. Are you the owner of a shop that is looking for a certain online wholesaler of shawls? is the answer to your needs! We are an online shop offering shawls with many years of experience. We have a wide range of fashionable shawl and other high quality products. We are happy to share our knowledge and information about our products.


The, online wholesale store located in Wólka Kosowska is a very large database of various types of shawls available online. The multicoloured necklaces have different sizes. Some of them can be used as headgear in the style of Hollywood movie stars. The right colours will bring the whole look will also make the women's eyes look more attractive and enhance their colour. A well-fitting headscarf fits all over your wardrobe and the fact that you feel comfortable in it increases your confidence. The wardrobe should not be missing the basic colours such as black, navy blue, burgundy, white, red and green.


The shawls from the offer of are very well made. Their materials vary depending on the use of the shawl for a given occasion. Thinner shawls fit well even on more "fleshy" blouses and tops. Their additional advantage is that they neatly cover breasts, thanks to which even at very deep neckline you can appear on official occasions requiring covered shoulders. For women with a little bit more appearances, a shawl made of thicker material may be an ideal solution. It will also work on colder days. The fabric is soft to the touch and comes in a smooth and slightly rough shape. Many of the shawls have summer season patches - bigger and smaller. Wholesale purchase of the shawls is a great opportunity for larger shops. The possibility to offer customers two-coloured, checked, smooth, with a mix of colours and warmer ones for winter is a definite plus and a greater chance to recommend the shop to others.


Online wholesaler of shawls- we also have bandanas in our offer, which is certainly a big advantage. The possibilities of using bandages are huge. If you are organising a pin up party you will certainly need a bandana as an addition to your hairstyle. This element of the wardrobe works well for head and neck covers - also for children and men, which makes the assortment of clothing accessories universal and not only women will be interested in it. It is a perfect example of how to keep an eye on the market and act quickly with the wholesalers in order to buy a product for which you will find yourself quickly too much. What distinguishes our Versoli wholesaler? Wide offer - we also offer such products as shawls, scarves or key rings, low prices, highlander shawls and many others. It is worth to pay attention to the assortment of the shawls' wholesaler from Wólka Kosowska, from which many companies are supplied. Creating a unique style or emphasizing an already developed one can be achieved even with seemingly innocent looking shawls. An additional use - thanks to their large size - is that they can be used as a poncho on colder days.