Women's Wallets


Wholesaler of women's wallets versoli.pl. We have a very large selection of wallets for women. Are you looking for a wholesaler where you can buy high quality wallets, which will be captured by your clients? You have come to the right place! At versoli.pl we have women's wallets in various shapes, colours and patterns, which are very popular among women.

We sell our products in wholesaler, and thanks to the fact that we import them directly from manufacturers we can offer very attractive prices. Place an order at versoli.pl.


A strong advantage of all our women's wallets is a solid, thick lock, which guarantees keeping money in one place. Apart from the Marilyn Monroe print, you can also find mango-style characters, which are taken from Japanese comic books. Also fans of animals and different cities can count on a rich offer. Please note that some of these women's wallets are available in large and small versions, which is a really interesting idea to recommend when preparing a gift for your mother and daughter. For traditional women's wallets you can recommend women's wallets in one colour.

Of the many proposals, what makes us stand out is that we have at least six wallets of the same model to choose from. This way, we can easily match the model to a specific vision of the woman. The single-colour ladies' wallets contain additional elements, which make the product's simple cut more attractive. This is not only to improve the appearance of the product but also to protect it from mechanical damage - metal frames attached to the edges are to protect the wallet from damage.

The same is true of the product handle - it is closed with a catch. Where the opening is most often pulled, a metal plate has been added so that the product will not discolour in this place or destroy itself.


Women's wallets from versoli.pl are characterized by a very attractive price and high quality. We have products straight from producers. Each wallet is verified by us in terms of quality and performance. Women's wallets are an inseparable element of every woman, therefore they are very popular and sell very quickly.

We are a wholesaler with many years of experience and our specialists will be happy to share their knowledge about women's wallets and advise you which product to choose for your shop. We invite you to buy women's wallets through our website.