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Men's Waist Bags

Wholesaler of waist bags for men -! Men's waist bags are a very popular accessory among men. Not many men want to carry bags or backpacks every day. Such a gadget is a great, very comfortable alternative. Because you put it on a belt around your hips, you have free hands when wearing it. You can hide the most important things like a phone, keys, wallet or cigarettes in this waist bag.

Do you want to expand your shop and are you looking for high-quality men's waist bags? We are a wholesaler with many years of experience. We offer high quality products at attractive prices!

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Waist bags for men are of interest to all active men. They are perfect for everyday use, e.g. for shopping, university or walking. They are ideal for sports - you can run with them, practice at the gym, or ride a bike, rollerblade or skateboard. Many men also like to take them to work, especially in physical activities. Some even wear them at parties! The return of trends from the 1980s and 1990s has contributed to the rapid increase in the popularity of these sachets, which is why men are now all the more looking for these waist bags.


Versoli is a well-stocked wholesaler of men's waist bags in Wólka Kosowska, with a wide range of products and good prices. We specialise in selling various clothing accessories. We cooperate with shops from all over Poland and other European countries. We guarantee low prices and high quality products.

We are the biggest wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska and one of the best in Poland. We are distinguished by a diverse assortment. We offer both waist bags in a fashionable style referring to the style of the 80s and 90s, as well as options with a slightly more subdued design. We offer options in really different taste. Our designs are very much liked by men, so they are willing to buy and wear them. We offer a large selection of colours, patterns, sizes and cuts. Apart from typical waist bags worn at the waist, we also have those designed to be worn on the back/backward, i.e. quivers.


Waist bags in Wólka Kosowska are distinguished by their high quality. We offer products sewn from various synthetic and natural materials. All of them are exceptionally resistant, so they are perfect for everyday use. Each model has a comfortable, adjustable belt and durable clasp. The zippers do not jam or go apart. They have comfortable, large handles. In selected variants they are additionally protected with a layer of fabric. Many of our models have additional pockets.

Wide selection of waist bags for men from Wólka Kosowska will satisfy men of all ages and tastes. We offer capacious, durable waist bags that meet all expectations. They are popular both among fashionable youth and mature men. They have sold particularly well in recent years, so it is worth having them in your assortment!

Need more information? We will be happy to answer all your questions. Contact us! Fill out the contact form, call: +48 517 485 450 or send an email to:!