Wholesaler of wallets versoli.pl. A wallet is a product in which we store not only money but also important documents and cards. When choosing a wallet, we should be guided by the size, quality and appearance of the wallet. In our wholesaler we have women's wallets and men's wallets of different sizes. Each seller will easily match our wallets to the assortment of their shop.

As a wallets' wholesaler versoli.pl from Wólka Kosowska we offer a wide range of products at attractive prices.


Wallets are products with which we practically never separate and which accompany us in our everyday life. A practical wallet should be made of high quality material, have an attractive appearance and shape. Women pay particular attention to the appearance of the wallet, so every man who takes care of himself should have a high quality wallet, one that will hold all the necessary documents and will not be destroyed at the first better opportunity.

At versoli.pl we import wallets straight from producers. We are a wholesaler of wallets and our wallets are characterized by high quality workmanship and attractive price.


The offer of versoli.pl wallets' wholesaler includes two options - wallets for women and men. We have a wide range of different wallet models. Lovers of London, Paris, Marilyn Monroe and animals will certainly find something for themselves. There is plenty of room for women who prefer classic-looking wallets made of smooth or gently crimped leather.

In the case of wallets intended mainly for men, versoli.pl has prepared another option, more minimalistic. Women prefer reds and additional shiny elements, so due to the minimalist approach of men, "their" models are rather subdued, directly matching the practical function of the wallet.

The wallets' wholesaler from Wólka Kosowska also came up with the idea of wallets for children. As most models are available in different sizes, these smaller copies can easily serve children. A good quality and solid lock will prevent money from falling out. In the large models you can see more compartments. Colourful designs and a fashionable mustache-shaped element are just a few of the many wallet options available for purchase at versoli.pl wholesaler.