Waist Bags


Online wholesaler of waist bags. versoli.pl is a company with many years of experience. We have a wide range of products such as waist bags. We are a direct importer, so we can offer the most competitive prices for waist bags sold in wholesaler. waist bags are becoming more and more popular in the dressing room of both men and women.

versoli.pl as a wholesaler has a wide selection of waist bags. We have products straight from manufacturers, so we can provide very competitive prices and excellent quality. We carry out wholesale orders of waist bags.


The waist bags are versatile and fit in any style. Until recently, they were rather associated with tracksuits or T-shirts, short shorts and sneakers. Nowadays, you can find them in different colour versions on our versoli.pl website. Fashionable checks, unusual styles are something that distinguishes them from the original, and this only shows that versoli.pl goes with the spirit of the times and is open to innovations. The excellent quality of the fabrics they are made of ensures durability.

They are distinguished by a variety of colours, characteristic, untouchable and original cuts sewn with great care. waist bags are a very practical addition. You can store many things like a phone, wallet or even a ride in them. They are also suitable for trips, as you can put medicines and medical supplies from your handy first-aid kit as well as sunglasses in them. Their popularity is constantly growing, which is why our customers are eager to make wholesale waist bag purchases.


A waist bag is also a very practical product. The waist bags are certainly useful for people who spend their time actively, because they can store the phone, thanks to which we listen to music and at the same time run - our hands are not busy. You can hide your documents in the waist bag, and it is certainly worth putting your wallet or other little things wandering around in your jacket pockets during various celebrations. versoli.pl company carefully follows fashion trends and reacts to the needs of its customers.

Apart from various types of cuts, as a wholesaler from Wólka Kosowska we have in our assortment a wide range of colourful waist bags. Even a seemingly assigned to a man waist bag can work without any obstacles in case of a woman - all you have to do is choose a model that characterizes the person.


Waist bags available in the wholesale store,versoli.pl from Wólka Kosowska are made of very good material, so they are a great idea for a gift. An additional advantage is an attractive price, which is very important in case of wholesale purchase.

Are you interested in wholesale purchase of waist bags for your shop? You do not know what kind of waist bags will be suitable for your customers? versoli.pl specialists will be happy to help you choose the right products. We have many years of experience and knowledge about consumer needs.