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Braided Waist Belts For Women


Women's braided belts offered in the Versoli wholesale store are recently one of the top trends that has come back to us from the old days. Especially adored in summer, women's braided belts do not only effectively support your trousers and make sure they stay in place.

This particular type of braided belt plays a particularly decorative role in your outfit and can change any style. It makes the ordinary white T-shirt, straight jeans or shorts worn on a bicycle take on a unique character. It turns an ordinary dress into an airy bohemian creation. Tied at the waist skillfully but also with incredible taste emphasizes the feminine waist. Choose belts that will appeal to your customers.

Combined with an oversized jumper or T-shirt, it gives wide clothes a different shape, showing them a different face. The power hidden in a braided women's belt is enormous. More and more women are aware of this, as evidenced by the constantly growing popularity of this type of belt.

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Braided belt - how to choose the right one? The range of braided women's belts available on the market is huge. In shops and wholesalers we can change in countless colours and weave, types of buckles and lengths. Strap available in our warehouse is distinguished by both high quality workmanship and attractive price. These are the main features that allow our wholesaler to gain advantage over the competition. How to choose a suitable women’s braided belt among so many products? With elegant clothes and formal styling, leather braided straps or made of a material that imitates it perfectly match the elegant clothes and styles.

In this type of set you should also opt for monochromatic models and classic, simple buckles for a chic look. If the look of your customers is mainly dark colours, then you can offer a stronger accent in the form of a colourful women's braided belt. Vivid, intense colours will come to the fore and bring your hairstyle to life. The women's braided strap is an eye-catcher regardless of the colour. It is worth using this skillfully to emphasize your figure. The growing popularity we have already mentioned causes new designs and colours of these straps to appear all the time in our warehouse.


Women's braided belts - the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska meets women's needs and offers a very large selection of women's braided belts. It does not matter whether you are looking for a narrower or wider stripe, in subdued or eye-catching rich colours.

If you are the owner of a shop that just wants to introduce women's belts into its offer, please contact our specialists. We will advise you and show you why it is worth choosing specific models and what they will go well with.