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As we are an online wholesaler offering school sacks, which are still very popular in many Polish schools. We invite you to wholesale shopping.

Our school bags are made from the highest quality materials, so you have a guarantee that they will meet the requirements of all customers and will serve not one student for a long time.

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Each of the bags will successfully fit physical education outfit, other useful trinkets and even breakfast packed in tight boxes. Thanks to the system of adjustable cords, school bags can be used for various purposes - from hand bag to shoulder bag. A very attractive option in the offer of school bags from the wholesale store in Wólka Kosowska is the availability of specific models in various designs - for example an animal series with cats and foxes or a set of pineapples and flamingos in any configuration. Colour combinations are vivid, beautiful and encourage to use the bag outside school walls.

All sacks are available at attractive prices. Our company has not forgotten about those who prefer calmer, more delicate but still fashionable designs. We can offer a sack in anchors, tiny paws, moustache, butterflies, flowers or lips. Among school sacks one of the models deserves special attention. What distinguishes it from others is the pocket, which is in the front. Additionally, it is not only an open pocket, but also has a zipper, thanks to which the original meaning of a shoe bag is extended - the wholesale has met consumers' needs. Thanks to this model, children can hide their phone, breakfast, trinkets and shoes in the bag without having to worry about crushing their food or breaking the glass.

It is worth noting the finishes of some bags - they have leather corners and slightly thicker strings. This is very practical. It makes the bags more stable and can also store books. An additional advantage is the funny inscriptions and overprints with the popular owls and flamingos.


The basic function of bags is to store shoes in them alternately. However, many cases of fashion change over the years have shown that need is the mother of inventions. Holiday, interesting patterns encourage you not to hide your shoe bags in the corner after the last school bell, but to take them on holiday. After all, apart from protective creams, sunglasses and swimwear, what the bag is designed for, i.e. flip-flops will quietly fit there.

It pays to be open to new ideas. It is worth noting that school bags from our wholesaler at are manufactured in such a way that they are multi-purpose - which at an attractive price encourages wholesale purchase.