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Wholesaler of beach bags - choose Versoli products! Beach bags are the summer must-have for every fashion lover and more. Just like other models of beach bags, summer beach bags come in many sizes and cuts to suit different combinations. Their lightness and unmistakable charm captivates more and more women, who boldly incorporate this accessory into their holiday style. What's more, the usefulness of beach bags is often appreciated by men.

Are you looking for an wholesale offer for beach bags? Join the clients of! Their large capacity and high durability (especially when it comes to beach bags made of straw) makes them perfect for various summer escapades. Without a doubt - fashionable beach bags will be perfect not only for walks by the sea. They are perfect for trips, picnics, weekend trips out of town or swimming trips.

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Online wholesaler of beach bags - how to choose a suitable one that we will be satisfied with? The versatility of beach bags makes them a perfect choice not only for seaside resorts. Undoubtedly, beach bags are becoming more and more popular, and wholesalers and retailers offer more and more choice. If we are looking for a practical accessory and at the same time we want to emphasize our summer style, a beach bag from wholesaler will be a perfect solution. What should I do when buying it? Let's think about what our new accessory will be used for in general.

Do you need a large bag that can hold a lot of things? Or maybe you're just looking for an eye-catching accessory to your shop? The choice of the right beach bag also depends on our fashion preferences. Whether in stationary shops or online wholesalers, we can find all sorts of beach bags. The huge choice makes the perfect beach bag for everyone - whether you prefer minimalist versions of the accessories or those with funny patches or other motifs.


Online wholesaler of Beach bags in Wólka Kosowska - is a place that will satisfy even the most demanding owners of retail shops. We are a direct importer of beach bags. As we all know, the tastes and needs are varied and thanks to a wide range of available designs and colours everyone will find something for themselves. Remember - despite appearances, a beach bag does not have to be boring.

Which models of beach bags from our online store are most popular? One of the most popular types are striped beach bags. White and blue braided beach bags definitely reign not only on Polish streets, but every year they appear on the biggest catwalks in the world. So if you don't know which model of bag to put on, it is worth to choose a beach bag with a sailor's motif. You will find it in many shops - among others in our wholesaler of beach bag, in Wólka Kosowska, which offers attractive prices thanks to direct import. Online wholesaler of beach bags - what else is worth knowing about Versoli? We offer wholesale of products through our internet shop. As an importer of beach bags we can offer wholesale of proven high quality products, which can be checked in our Wólka Kosowska points.