Unisex Hats


Unisex hats are one of the symbols of modernity. What are they? Surely, you have been given the term 'unisex' more than once. The range of products marked with this term are those models of clothes or accessories which are intended for both women and men. What is characteristic for them is that you will not find typical male or female details in them. As their name implies, they are universal and therefore devoid of elements that could be associated with one of the genders.

They are neutral and therefore suitable for both men's and women's hairstyles. Order your hats from the Versoli wholesale store and add them to your shop. This makes unisex hats ideal for those who are looking for a more gender-neutral hat model. This gives them a fashionable accessory whose form is extremely flexible and can be easily combined with both male and female clothes.

Unisex hats are also a great idea for a small gift. Their timelessness and neutrality are a favourite of almost all people.

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Unisex hat - how to wear? The trend of unisex clothing and accessories has been spreading for a long time. That is why more and more shopkeepers are buying this type of beanie from our wholesale store. Wearing them is very comfortable and gives us a wide range of possibilities. Modern unisex hats usually have neutral, toned down colours like white, black, grey or brown to match most styles.

The same applies to the unisex cap design, which is also suitable for women, men and children. The combination of classic designs and cuts and neutral colours means that unisex caps can be worn with a variety of clothes and combined with other trends.

If your clients love the boho style, the airy summer dress combined with the unisex hat and denim jacket will create an extremely original look. For those who like to walk in their leather jacket, a combination with the grey unisex hat is recommended.


Fashionable unisex hats - Wólka Kosowska wholesale store is a shop with clothes for women and men at their best. High quality of the product, attention to detail and competitive price is a perfect combination, which is appreciated by shop owners who buy goods from us. What makes product prices in places like ours much lower?

Compared to retail shops, wholesalers are direct importers of products from the manufacturer. This significantly reduces costs and, in addition, guarantees fast and frequent delivery of the assortment. Trust our specialists and start cooperation today!