Children's Waist Bags, wholesaler of children's waist bags! waist bags are a great alternative to a backpack or purse. Kids are extremely busy, so they like to have their hands free. You can hide the most necessary accessories, e.g. tissues, favourite toy or sweets in them. Since waist bags are clipped at the waist, the risk of losing them while playing is minimised. Parents also like to wear such accessories, and children love to imitate adults. No wonder that more and more of them are being sold.

Are you looking for a proven wholesaler of children's waist bags? Do you want to expand your company's offer? You've come to the right place! We are a wholesaler with many years of experience and proven goods of the highest quality.

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There is no need to worry with children's waist bags that your child will lose items taken with them. They can be worn by children of all ages. They are perfect for walks, shopping trips, outdoor activities, class trips etc. Particularly young mums like to buy such accessories for their daughters. If they are additionally shiny, dressed up or in a pretty colour, small fashionistas ask for them themselves. Just as waist bags have become popular among teenagers and adults, they are increasingly popular with children.


Versoli is a wholesaler in Wólka Kosowska, with an interesting, wide range of products. We specialise in selling fashionable clothing accessories, including those dedicated to children. We cooperate with shops from all over Poland and abroad. We offer low prices and interesting, fashionable high quality products.

We are the largest wholesaler of clothing accessories such as children's waist bags in Wólka Kosowska and one of the best in Poland. We are distinguished by a fashionable, diverse assortment. In our offer you will find models that are very popular with children. A huge choice of colours, shiny materials and materials with interesting patterns immediately catch the eye of children. Both fans of pink and more subdued colours will find something for themselves. We also have the most fashionable variants in holographic shades and mermaid shell patterns. Girls love such accessories!


Waist bags for children in Wólka Kosowska are made of high quality synthetic materials. They are resistant, so they can withstand many crazy games. Each model has a comfortable adjustable belt with a certain clasp. The zippers do not jam, do not come apart and do not pose any danger to children. The handles are comfortable for small hands. Size of waist bag is adjusted to the size of children aged about 4-12 years.

Wide selection of the most fashionable waist bags of Wólka Kosowska enables to satisfy the needs of the youngest clients. Our products are fashionable, comfortable, practical and, above all, adapted to children's requirements. They sell particularly well in recent years, so it is worth having them in your offer!

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