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Hologram Key Rings

Online wholesaler of hologram key rings,! Hologram key rings are pendants made of plastic shimmering in rainbow colors. Visual effects resemble the colors visible on a spot of spilled petrol. This view is so impressive that it is very popular. For several years now, all clothes, gadgets and accessories of this type are extremely fashionable. Attaching such a pendant to the keys makes them immediately visible. It is easier to find them in the apartment, and also on the ground, when they accidentally fall out of the bag. So they are not only aesthetic, but also practical.

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In holographic key rings available in our offer you can additionally hide something. Our models have a form of a small bag, so you can use them as an additional purse, a beautician or a compartment for small items. They can be attached to keys, but also a bag, backpack or pants. They are extremely popular among teenagers, young women and children. They are useful both as a practical accessory and an alternative bag for a party for example. Inside you can fit a payment card, lipstick, a pack of chewing gum etc.


As the best wholesaler of key rings in Wólka Kosowska, we are distinguished by a wide selection of original quality products. We offer competitive prices and favourable conditions. For this reason, we cooperate regularly with many stores throughout Poland and even abroad.

In our warehouse in Wólka Kosowska we always focus on quality and fashion. We specialize in clothing accessories, for women, men and children. We are up to date with the latest trends, so our assortment is very popular. Our products are not only aesthetic, but also durable, practical and comfortable to use. Pendants have durable fasteners and resistant chains. They are neatly finished. We offer charming models in the shape of sachets and small backpacks, made of various materials. We have a huge selection of colors and patterns. Among them you can choose from versions fully sewn from fashionable, transparent holo plastic and having only such inserts. They are waterproof and can be easily cleaned.


Holographic key rings Wólka Kosowska are products that appeal to different tastes. They are a popular choice of teenagers and young women fascinated by the fashionable style of the 90's. They are also very popular with children, who like glowing, colorful objects. Sliders do not stutter or go away. Most variants have charming prints, inscriptions or patterns. Some models are additionally decorated with a soft, furry pompon.

Wide selection of holographic key rings Wólka Kosowska makes you sure to choose products that match your store's assortment. A large number of color variants will satisfy even very picky customers. Be sure to decide on such accessories, because they are very popular and sell perfectly!

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